1 June 2016


Mooroolbark Soccer Club has enlisted the support of local MP Christine Fyffe to help lobby Yarra Ranges Council to construct a second set of change room facilities for female team members.

The Coalition made a commitment to fund the Esther Park sports pavilion for the 2014 State election.

“Unfortunately a change of government at the 2014 state election saw the Andrews Government turn its back on a valid community initiative,” Mrs Fyffe said.
However Mrs Fyffe says all is not lost.

“I am aware that Yarra Ranges Council has the female change rooms on its “to do” list, but it isn’t as high up the order of priorities as it deserves to be.

“We are asking council to be good sports and give Mooroolbark Soccer Club a helping hand.

“The benefits of new change rooms for female players are expected to be realised through a boost in female participation rates. At present, out of Mooroolbark Soccer Club’s 347 players, just 81 are female.

“New change rooms for female players would help them feel more valued as part of the club.

“For women, sport can be a great way of reconnecting with the community and socialising.

“I’m proud to support Mooroolbark Soccer Club because of their championing of diversity.

“The club has forged strong relations with the local Chin community and also supports the inclusion of people with varying degrees of disability.

Mrs Fyffe said that sport is about more than physical activity for women.

“Sport is important for women to rebuild lost social connections and plays an increasing role in maintaining good mental health.

“As the old adage goes, “A healthy body breeds a sound mind.”

“Truth be told, I think my children’s love of sport was more about socialising with friends and having a good time than getting fit.

Mrs Fyffe said that she hopes council heeds the request of the community and provides necessary funding assistance.

“Mooroolbark Soccer Club just wants their request for funding to be in with a sporting chance,” Mrs Fyffe said.

QUOTABLE QUOTE: “I always turn to the sports section first. The sports page records people’s accomplishments; the front page has nothing but man’s failures.” ~Earl Warren

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