The subject matter for my column this time is perhaps a little dry, but I encourage readers to persevere as it contains important information that will affect you directly.

On 1 July, Victorian Government taxes, fees and charges went up across the board. However, some of the increases were more than a slap in the face, they were an outright king hit.

Homebuyers face up to $2,234 more in fees when they purchase a home under massive increases to land transfer fees which are up 163 per cent. These higher fees will tip an extra $140 million into the coffers of the economically reckless Andrews Government over the next four years.

Then we have the Fire Services Property Levy which will increase by $46.1 million. Further unscheduled increases could be on the cards to pay for the outlandish demands being made by the United Firefighters Union at the expense of our volunteer CFA members. Only the Federal Coalition may be able to put the anchors on this deal which would be bad for the CFA and for Victorian taxpayers.

Rents will rise as the stamp duty surcharge payable on property purchased by international investors rises from three per cent to seven per cent. For those looking for cheap recreational activities, even those are under attack with the 28 day recreational fishing licences up from $12 to $20.
So why do our fees and charges need to go up leaving less in your bank accounts?

We are paying for ballooning public sector wages and wasteful projects in Victoria that are about political outcomes not economic outcomes.
Governments around the world are being urged by financial experts to exercise fiscal restraint as political instabilities affect the fortunes of domestic economies. Yet the Andrews Labor Government has signed us up to a $1.6 billion Skyrail that the people don’t want. Then last month we found out that the creators of Myki will receive another $700 million from the Andrews Government to have another go at botching our transport ticketing. And who could forget the $1.1 billion Labor flushed down the toilet not to build East West link?

Locally there have been question marks about a recent cash injection rumoured to be $2 million from the Andrews Government into a company which is backed by the deep pocketed Middle Eastern company Investcorp. It is not clear why our taxpayer dollars were needed to prop up a cashed up company.
It is clear from the federal election result that the Andrews Government is on the nose with Victorians and if the wasteful spending doesn’t get reigned in, sadly it will be our children and grandchildren paying for it long into the future.

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