26 January 2016


I think we all feel most Australian after travelling. When you get on that Qantas plane from the world’s safest airline to return home and you hear the familiar tones of the Aussie drawl from the Captain. It is when you disembark and you are surrounded by like-minded people who share your cultural history and polite aspiration. It is when you are able to breathe in clean air and drink clear water. It is that sense of belonging to this land which is as diverse as it is beautiful. It is knowing that we are well protected by a loyal and determined military that is respected and envied around the world. It is in the quality of our fresh produce, the ingenuity behind Australian innovation and our love of coming together to cheer our fellow men and women on as they compete against the world’s best in all forms of sport. I love Australia. It is not only my home. It is who I am. Have a happy Australia Day.

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