Evelyn MP Christine Fyffe Backs Nappy Collective for Families in Crisis

13 October 2015
Evelyn MP Christine Fyffe is putting her support behind families in crisis by participating in a resourceful campaign for mothers called the Nappy Collective.
Mrs Fyffe’s office in Lilydale will become the drop off point for leftover nappies which will be donated in good cause to mothers who are struggling to afford nappies.
“There are mothers out there who are unable to enjoy motherhood because they are constantly stressed about how they are going to pay for essential items such as nappies.
“Considering how quickly a baby goes through a pack of nappies, the cost can be extremely burdensome.
The Nappy Collective started in 2013. It operates in 31 cities, has 370 collection points and has collected a staggering 473,924 nappies Australia wide.
It is not unusual for a baby to grow out of a particular size nappy or for a parent to have purchased the wrong brand.
“Rather than throwing leftover nappies away they can have a noble purpose helping another family.
“I remember back when my children were little and I was using cloth nappies. All I wish to say on that matter is I’m glad those days are over!
“Even if you don’t have leftover nappies from children of your own, anyone can purchase a pack of nappies from the Supermarket and donate them at the collection point in my office.
“People in the Yarra Ranges are very generous and community oriented, so I am sure that mothers in need won’t be left waiting very long,” Mrs Fyffe said.
The Nappy Collective runs from the 16th until the 30th of October.
The drop off point is the office of Christine Fyffe MP – 143 Main Street Lilydale (opposite the Olive Tree Shopping Centre).

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