Swindling Us on Swinburne

10 April 2015

LETTER – Swindling Us on Swinburne

I read with interest a media release from Andrews Government Minister for Training and Skills Steve Herbert congratulating Professor Linda Kristjanson on her re-appointment as Swinburne University’s Vice Chancellor.

First of all, congratulations Professor Kristjanson – under your stewardship Swinburne remains an excellent tertiary option for Victoria’s students.

On another matter, the Minister stated in his media release from 10 April that the Professor’s re-appointment will provide continuity in negotiations between Swinburne and the Labor Government on the re-opening of the university’s former Lilydale campus…

…We are still waiting to find out when even though this was first announced by the Andrews Government five months ago.

We know that when it comes to the Andrews Government negotiating contracts, Victorians always end up with the fuzzy end of the lollipop.

It is not until we read the fine print on Premier Andrews’ promises that we realise that all they promised was that it would re-open. They never committed to which decade.

Christine Fyffe MP
State Member for Evelyn

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