People Power Makes a Difference to Road Safety in Mount Evelyn

1 April 2015

People Power Makes a Difference to Road Safety in Mount Evelyn!

State Member for Evelyn Christine Fyffe is congratulating the residents of Mount Evelyn for their display of people power with a victory on road safety, demonstrating that every voice counts.

“On the 12th of February, I tabled the community’s petition seeking improvements to the bend near the Monbulk Road and Hunter Road intersection in Mount Evelyn following a fatality that left many concerned about safety,” Mrs Fyffe said.

“I am pleased to advise that I have received a response from the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, stating that VicRoads have reviewed the fatal crash from a road engineering perspective and found changes are necessary.

“Improvements will be made to the road signage and existing guideposts, with the treatments expected to be delivered by June 2015.

“Until then I urge people using the stretch of road to exercise caution and drive responsibly to avoid another accident.

“The people of Mount Evelyn have shown that if you really care about an issue, by getting others involved you can have an impact,” Mrs Fyffe said.

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